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Concrete Wall


Where everything truly comes to life.  Still images are great, but nothing compares to seeing the movement of light, shadows, and reflections of fully animated renders.  


The process for animation is much like any 3D render.  First we build a 3D model, texture and light it.  For animations we take the next step of putting everything in motion.  The process requires rendering out 30 individual frames for every 1 second of animation.


The simplest form of animation to produce, but still incredibly powerfulTruly see what your product will look like, and how it interacts with the lights and reflections of it's environment.

Product Visualization

Hilts test 31.jpg

We can provide full length 

commercials or ad campaigns, complete with sound editing.  Of, if you are already working with a video production studio, we can work hand in hand with them to produce any product footage they need.

Fully Edited Ads & Promo Reels

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Every job is unique, with it's own challenges and complexities.  For pricing, please contact us with the details of your project and we will generate a quote that covers your individual needs.

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