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Heath Wasson

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Heath spent the majority of his service career as a  Psychologic Operations Specialist and Paratrooper with the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (Ft. Bragg).  A former Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Texas, and longtime Harley Davidson employee.  In 2008 Heath returned to college at LeTourneau University to pursue his Bachelor's of Science in Aeronautical Engineering(2008-2012).  Prior to starting Wasson Technical Graphics, Heath worked in the engineering divisions of multiple international  corporations in the energy and offshore sectors.

The foray into computer graphics and technical illustrations started as a happy accident while working on a large offshore project.  The shortcomings  of external graphics studios producing imagery for technical documentation  (generally due to a lack of technical understanding), spurred a now nearly decade long fascination and exploration into the science and art of CGI.

To this day, it's the extensive technical, mechanical, and engineering background that separates Wasson Technical Graphics from typical graphics studios.  Few companies are able to produce such high complexity models, with technical accuracy and stunning realism, without extensive hand holding from your engineering and design staff.

Owner and Founder

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